Tuesday noon I was excited to arrive home from the Warring Women of Zion prayer set to find this box of books sitting in front of my garage waiting for me! I couldn’t open them right away because groceries needed to be put away and an energetic one-year-old pup needed exercise. Then I decided that I probably should eat some lunch. While I was eating my brother called to tell me that his copy arrived so we chatted for a while. When I hung up the phone I ran to the living room and opened the box. Thirty-five books greeted me! The long-anticipated end of my publishing journey had arrived!

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The Battle

I wanted to share another sneak peek into Peaceful Moments. This time I’m sharing the poem I had the most struggle around including. The background painting is symbolic and carefully planned. The black symbolizes the battle that we are currently in. The red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, our Messiah. The yellow symbolizes the light of the Lord that is shining into the darkness even though we might not see it in the midst of our struggles. The gray symbolizes the darkness lifting. When we are at our darkest and feel most like giving up…that is often when we are closest to our victory and overcoming the monster we are battling.

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Peaceful Moments Preview

Peaceful Moments should be available on Amazon in early March! The picture above is a preview of what the journal will look like.

Poetry has been an integral part of my healing journey. It’s been a safe way for me to process my struggles, worries, fears, hopes, dreams, and faith. It is also a way for me to show my appreciation to my Creator for the world around me. Over the years I have written poems as part of my prayer journaling so it was only natural for me to compile them into a devotional journal for others to use as a part of their quiet time with the Lord.

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