The King Went Riding By

Happy Palm Sunday! I hope that you are having a wonderful day! Since I was at a meeting all day yesterday and didn’t write a poem yet today, I decided to share a poem that I wrote a few years ago during the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. I wrote “The King Went Riding By’ as I was pondering His entry into Jerusalem during that Passover long ago. What would have it been like to be one of the women in the crowd as Jesus rode into Jerusalem at the beginning of the Passover Festivities? Were there any women in the crowd watching Him ride by who missed that historic moment because they were preoccupied with their Passover to-do list? Enjoy!

The King Went Riding By

I was too busy on that first day of the week.
I had so much to do and a schedule to keep.
I didn’t see him, though he was right before my eyes.
I was too preoccupied when God went riding by.

Dancing through my head, were all the things I had to do
in order to prepare — the proper meal for you.
I was checking off my list which was a mile high
that’s how I missed my Lord when he went riding by.

I saw them wave palm branches, dance, shout, and sing.
I heard them chant, “Hosanna! Hosanna, to the king!”
My worries overwhelmed me. They’re the reason why
I didn’t see the King of kings when he went riding by.

Let this be a warning to open up your heart:
know the Word, be vigilant, serve others, and do your part.
Keep a watchful eye for the King who reigns on high;
be ready when our Savior again comes riding by.

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