International Children’s Book Day

Yesterday I was looking at my book shelf trying to choose my favorite children’s book or my favorite children’s book author to share with you all. I couldn’t choose one. There are so many great authors and so many great books.

I love CS Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia series. Those books are rich with allegory and fantasy. When I pick up this series it is so easy to slip away into another world for hours. It’s like the reader truly *is* in Narnia! It’s always difficult for me to return home when I’m reading these delightful books!

Another favorite book series and author of mine is Lucy Maud Montgomery and the Anne of Green Gables series. I also really enjoyed her short stories and the Emily of New Moon trilogy. I loved slipping away on adventures with Anne, Emily from the Emily of New Moon, and the other characters from her books. Ms. Montgomery had the gift of making her characters and settings come alive. You could really picture yourself there and Anne seemed like a dear friend to me!

Pictured above are some of the picture books I enjoyed hearing as a child and reading to my sons. Thomas the Tank Engine was one of their favorite books. I read and reread stories from it to them! They loved the other books as well. I never tired of reading the books and slipping away for trips to faraway lands with them and the author whose book we had a blessing of reading.

Feel free to share your favorite children’s book and or children’s book author with me in the comments below!

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