Tuesday noon I was excited to arrive home from the Warring Women of Zion prayer set to find this box of books sitting in front of my garage waiting for me! I couldn’t open them right away because groceries needed to be put away and an energetic one-year-old pup needed exercise. Then I decided that I probably should eat some lunch. While I was eating my brother called to tell me that his copy arrived so we chatted for a while. When I hung up the phone I ran to the living room and opened the box. Thirty-five books greeted me! The long-anticipated end of my publishing journey had arrived!

Now I begin the next phase of my journey with Peaceful Moments. This phase is the most important one. That is getting the book into the hands of people who would benefit from it. My prayer is that this little book will bring healing and hope to people – especially women – who are hurting, tired, and feeling hopeless. The purpose of this little book is to help lead them into a deeper and more intimate relationship with their Creator. My prayer is that as they read the poems and meditate on the Bible verses, the Lord will speak to each one’s heart and touch them in a special way. Please join me in praying that those who would most benefit from Peaceful Moments will find it. If you’d like to know more about the book click here that link will lead you to the book’s page.

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