Peaceful Moments is Available on Amazon

Peaceful Moments is now available for purchase on Amazon! If you decide to purchase Peaceful Moments be sure to leave an honest review after you have had time to use the book for a bit. Both positive and negative reviews are very beneficial because that feedback will help me as I plan and write my next book. Don’t know what type of feedback to leave? Answers to the following questions would be extremely helpful.

Did you like the layout? Why? Why not?
Did you like being able to write in the book or would you have preferred a devotional format instead?
Did you enjoy having the poems on the watercolor background?
Did you mind paying more for the benefit of colored pictures?
Would you rather have had the traditional poetry book compilation of poems or do you prefer the uniqueness of Peaceful Moments?
Also, just leaving your thoughts about the poetry, verses, and book, in general, will be very helpful to me.

I also have a promotion running. Anyone who leaves an honest review (positive or negative) and emails the link for their review to will be entered in the drawing for a packet of greeting cards that I have made. If you subscribe to Sue’s News, you get another entry into the drawing! If you subscribe to this blog you get a third entry into this drawing. This will increase your chances of winning! Just email me with the proof of each of the activities you participated in and I will enter your name in the drawing for each activity. I will draw the names sometime at the beginning of April!

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