My Publishing Journey

I just wanted to share the cover for the poetic devotional journal that I’ve been working on. It’s been quite the journey! Around the end of 2019, I was so frustrated that I needed to take a break. My break ended up lasting two years. My creative juices just seemed to disappear! I couldn’t write. I couldn’t paint. I couldn’t create. During that sabbatical Covid attacked the world, we bought a new home, and my oldest son moved out and got married. Finally this autumn my creativity returned and I was able to finish my book.

I was able to figure out the layout which had been causing me problems in 2019 and upload it all to KDP. Now I’m waiting for my proof to arrive in the mail for me to peruse and double-check formatting and editing mistakes that I may have missed. I am excited and nervous to see the final copy. This little book has a poem with my artwork on one page and the adjacent page has a related Bible verse and room to journal. It is also a peek into my life’s healing journey because many of the poems came from my own journal as I was working through my own junk. To be honest, it’s a little scary to open up to the world like this. Yet it’s something that I feel God calling me to do. May this little book be a blessing to others on their healing journey!

I’m impatiently awaiting the arrival of the sample book! It’s supposed to arrive this Friday or Saturday so maybe my book will be available to purchase by Christmas! How exciting that would be!

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